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Code42 Rebranded as CrashPlan as of October 17, 2022

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Code42, the file backup and restore service that forms an important component of Cornell’s Certified Desktop suite of security tools, will again be called CrashPlan, as of October 17, 2022.

This branding change is part of a corporate restructuring for CrashPlan allowing them to maintain a focus on the product’s current functionality. According to CrashPlan’s Frequently Asked Questions webpage, the service will continue to operate as it always has, with no loss or unplanned changes to the features that Cornell users have come to depend upon for reliable real-time backup and file recovery.

During the Fall 2022 transition period, the desktop application may still be branded as "Code42." Future updates to the console product are expected to refresh product branding as they provide scheduled improvements to product features.

Vendor documentation for CrashPlan has already migrated to the CrashPlan Help Center website. Meanwhile, Cornell users should continue to contact the IT Service Desk if they encounter issues related to CrashPlan.

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