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Classroom Video Capture System Moves to Cloud, Offers Benefits to Users

The classroom video capture system, Mediasite, was moved from onsite hosting to a vendor-hosted cloud provider in August. This has enabled video streaming and hosting services to utilize their resources in a more efficient way, as well as providing an improved classroom video capture system for instructors on campus.

There are 13 colleges and departments using Mediasite, resulting in 300 hours of captured video. Moving to the cloud has allowed colleges and departments on campus to share content with each other, and has eliminated the ILR School’s need to pay for live stream hosting of classes and events.

The cloud service provides a scalable environment so that users can have simultaneous views of video streaming and less system downtown. Users also benefit from new features including full motion video that enables graphics, animations, and annotations to be captured.

“For Fall 2015, we've made the move to recording all classes for the first time ever,” says Michael d’Estries, Educational Technologies Manager at the Cornell Law School.  “By moving to the cloud, we can take advantage of dependable, secure storage for these recordings, as well improved access for students and faculty. We've found the Mediasite system to be an extremely valuable tool for both students and faculty. Besides lecture capture, it's also provided us with a convenient solution for live-streaming events, easy publishing to social media, and archiving.”

The move to the cloud has streamlined the Mediasite website including using Shibboleth federated login and active directory. Updates to new versions of the platform are executed on a delayed release schedule, allowing the service to stay current, but updates require no Cornell staff time. The freed staff time will allow video streaming and hosting services to focus on architecting and deploying next generation classroom technologies, rather than server administration, and user and site provisioning. Provisioning a new college has gone from a 10-hour task to a 30-minute task and CIT’s hosting costs were cut in half for this service.

If faculty are interested in this service they should contact their college support office to find out its availability.

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