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Class Roster with Scheduler released on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cornell's Student Services IT, in collaboration with the Office of the University Registrar, is proud to announce the release of Class Roster with Scheduler on the AWS cloud. In March 2016, this collaboration developed and released Scheduler, a major new feature for the Class Roster

Scheduler adds a mobile-friendly, highly interactive planning tool that allows students to build and visualize their own semester schedules.  Within a month, over 7,000 Cornell students used Scheduler to plan their upcoming coursework, and AWS has impressively handled the load.

“Student Services IT is proud to both release a new cloud-hosted service and continue our efforts to improve the student experience at Cornell,” said Phil Robinson, Assistant Director for Student Services Information Technologies.

Students can explore different schedule combinations by adding courses or personal events, as well as the ability to drag and drop sections with immediate conflict detection. Courses can be added to a schedule in several ways, including via quick search; importing from Favorites; and importing courses from My Planner or their current enrollment in Student Center. The review panel then warns students of time conflicts and other scheduling issues, all while displaying the number of courses, credits, class enrollment counts, consent requirement information, and class status (open/closed/waitlist).

Scheduler is a RESTful AngularJS app using MongoDB that leverages many of the great features of cloud computing on AWS including:

  • Auto-scaling to meet traffic demands with inexpensive spot instances;

  • Elastic load balancing with health checks and failover Route 53 records;

  • Streamlined release processes with Ansible and Jenkins;

  • CloudWatch-enabled monitoring and alarms;

  • Papertrail logging;

  • Dynamic cost tracking on CloudCheckr, and much more.

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