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CIT Will Soft Launch Remedy’s Customer Web Portal, MyIT on Jan. 16, 2017

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On Monday, January 16, 2017 CIT will soft launch Remedy’s customer web portal, MyIT. MyIT is a web portal that displays various service offerings that allow a customer to choose a service, and obtain support for that service. After the customer fills out and submits a form, MyIT will categorize the ticket into either an ‘Incident’ or a ‘Work Order.’ Support staff will receive the ticket and work it as they normally do through Remedy’s classic or Smart IT interface. After submitting a ticket customers can follow the status of their ticket through the web portal, which allows them to see updates and provide comments to support staff.  

For current Remedy support staff there will be a few changes including: 

  • Customers will not receive an INC# through MyIT, they will receive a REQ#, a request number. That REQ# will correspond to either an ‘Incident’ or ‘Work Order’ request in Remedy, depending on how the customer has submitted the form. Support staff can use the search feature in Remedy to look up a REQ# and find the customer’s request. 
  • Support staff will also need to be familiar with how to see and update ‘Work Orders’ in Remedy. They are very similar to ‘Incidents’ however, if support staff are using Remedy classic and they have their default view set to the ‘Incident Console’ staff will not see the ‘Work Order’ when it comes into their support queue. We highly recommend that Remedy Classic users default their view to the ‘Overview Console.’ For steps on how to default to the Overview Console please read ‘Remedy Users: Swtich to Overview Console’ article. 
  • If support staff are using the Smart IT application they won’t need to change their view, it will display all ‘Incidents’ and ‘Work Orders.’ 

While a small number of services will be impacted on January 16, the amount of forms will grow over time based on community needs and requests. The Remedy Service Management team will be working with the service providers who have forms in MyIT for the Jan 16th soft launch, so that they are trained and ready to receive requests. Individual training on MyIT and Work Order Management will be provided to departments or through campus training courses so staff can learn more about how to use this new functionality.  

If you have additional questions you can contact the Remedy Service Management team by emailing

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