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CIT Staff Celebrated for Years of Service

CIT staff celebrating 25 or more years of service at Cornell Celebrating 25 or more years of service at Cornell were, front left to right: Jolene Simmons (25), Carl Moravec (50), Sandy Eccleston (35); back left to right: J.P. Brannan (25), Bill Holmes (35), Mariann Carpenter (49), and Shari Kearl (25). Not present in the photograph: Paul Gerbasi (25), Geoffrey Hollister (25), Lynn Baird (30), Tony Damiani (30), Kim Yeoh (30), Tammy Babcock (35), Kathy Drake (40).

Approximately 150 staff from Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) joined David Lifka, Vice President for Information Technologies and Chief Information Officer, to recognize colleagues who have been Cornell employees for five or more years.

The celebration took place May 30 in Room G10 of the Biotechnology Building. Carl Moravec celebrated 50 years of service with CIT, and Mariann Carpenter and Rick Cochran celebrated 49 and 46 years, respectively. Another 12 staffers celebrated a fifth-year anniversary of 25 or more years of service. 

Recognized for their fifth-year anniversaries were:

  • Celebrating 50 years: Carl Moravec
  • Celebrating 40 years: Kathy Drake
  • Celebrating 35 years: Tammy Babcock, Sandy Eccleston, and Bill Holmes
  • Celebrating 30 years: Lynn Baird, Tony Damiani, and Kim Yeoh
  • Celebrating 25 years: J.P. Brannan, Paul Gerbasi, Geoffrey Hollister, Shari Kearl, and Jolene Simmons
  • Celebrating 20 years: Bill Andersen, Bruce Barber, Ami Ben-Yaacov, Greg Bronson, Jeff Christen, Sarah Christen, Aimee Decker, Tom Horton, Jude Kany, Matt Klein, Donivan Patwell, Autumn Pfister, and John Romag
  • Celebrating 15 years: Bryan Hutchinson, Tony Lombardo, Marie Pollack, and Les Vogel
  • Celebrating 10 years: Chuck Boeheim, Luis Constantino, Anasua Datta, Gabriel Goodwin, Chad Hagstrom, David Kingsley, Jerry Shipman, and Dan Villanti
  • Celebrating 5 years: Dan Klinger, Dennis Nardi, Nick Tubbs, and Sherry Wilson

All were presented with a certificate and thanked for their dedication and commitment.

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