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CIT Launches LastPass Free for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Cornell Information Technologies launched LastPass on October 4 for all current students, faculty, and staff. The enterprise account is free, voluntary, and you can keep it when you leave the university.

LastPass is a password management service that can store all of your passwords in a secure vault, which you protect with one master passphrase. It is a browser extension and mobile app that works across operating systems and device types. LastPass can also autofill forms, store private notes, and keep your bank and credit card information secure.

One of the biggest benefits of LastPass is that you only have to remember one passphrase, thereby enabling you to create complex, strong passwords for all of the websites where you save login credentials.

LastPass can:

  1. Safely store and autofill your Cornell NetID and password for any Cornell site that asks you to log in.
  2. Get complex, unique passwords created and autofilled for any website you use (Cornell or not).
  3. Automatically sync your passwords so you can use them on any of your devices.

To see how else LastPass can help keep you secure, and to sign up for the service, visit:

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