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CIT and campus partners help bring Graduation Weekend to all

This year during graduation weekend CIT’s Video Engineering and Event Technical Support helped bring convocation and commencement to many locations across campus and across the world. Video Engineering and Event Technical Support provided high definition and standard definition multicast, and used a new network path to Time Warner Ithaca's head end to broadcast on Time Warner Channel 16.

The events were also live streamed on Cornell Cast and through the campus direct TV system bringing commencement to other locations on campus like Statler Hall and Call Auditorium. Live captioning in real time was also used on the Jumbotron to provide ADA accommodation to those in the stadium.

Barbara Friedman, Director of Academic Technologies witnessed the benefits of live streaming when a rain shower prevented a family from making their way to the ceremony. “I was working at the information booth under the eaves at Carpenter Hall, and a family decided to wait out the rain there instead of going up to Schoellkopf,” said Friedman. “I suggested they try watching the video stream, and said jokingly that they might have a better chance of seeing their graduate online than if they were in the stands. Sure enough, their daughter showed up on the screen, and they were able to get a screenshot of her.”

Video Engineering and Event Technical Support also produced, directed, and engineered video coverage of the convocation address by James Franco, which was picked up by ABC Live.

For commencement on Sunday a TV truck was brought in to help direct the day’s events. This year before the academic procession Video Engineering and Event Technical Support was asked to air a segment of the video Glorious to View, a video by Micah Cormier produced in honor of Cornell’s sesquicentennial featuring aerial views of Cornell’s campus and interviews with faculty and students. This segment was so well received that they plan to show more of the video next year.

"Graduation weekend is a shining example of team work within CIT and across the entire university,” said Andy Page, Manager of CIT's Video Engineering and Event Technical Support team. “It’s really fulfilling to be part of something that requires so many specialized teams working towards a common goal."

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