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Check Junk, Spam, or "Non-Focus" Mail Occasionally

The filters in leading email services like those provided by Cornell's Office 365 and G Suite are fairly accurate overall. However, taking into account spammers' efforts to imitate important mail, and the sheer number of emails many individuals receive, it's inevitable that a valid email might get classified as unimportant or unwanted.
For this reason, anyone using a Cornell email account, whether it's provided by Microsoft or Google, should regularly check folders containing email classified as junk, spam, or, in apps that do so, mail that is in "other" rather than "focused." If you find mail there that you consider important, move it to your inbox or another folder or, when available, select "not spam" for the message as appropriate. Office 365 and G Suite will both make note of this and attempt to improve the accuracy of what’s considered junk for your account.
See more information about unwanted email, including how to change preferences in Office 365 and G Suite.

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