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Changes to Zoom Setting Defaults, Effective January 25, 2021

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Cornell IT staff will be making several important changes to default settings in Zoom starting Monday, January 25, 2021, affecting live transcriptions of meetings, hosts ability to change the layout of cloud recordings, and the management of high-quality video in meetings.

Live Transcriptions

Currently, live transcriptions of Zoom meetings are available for all Cornell users, but the feature has previously not been enabled by default, requiring users to go into their settings and enable it.

Going forward, the Live Transcription feature will be enabled for all Zoom hosts by default. After the change, all hosts will see the Live Transcription button in their control bar during a meeting unless they have chosen to disable it in their settings.

For details on using Zoom’s in-meeting live transcription service, visit Zoom Live Transcription Service.

Cloud Recording Layout and Configuration

Previously, to provide a consistent user experience across all Cornell Zoom session cloud recordings, the ability of hosts to change the layout of Zoom cloud recordings was unavailable, except by special request.

Because many Cornell Zoom users have expressed a strong interest in being able to configure cloud recording layouts, going forward, cloud recording configuration and layout options will be enabled going forward.

For background on Zoom cloud recordings, visit Zoom’s Cloud Recording webpage. For more about making changes to Zoom Cloud Recording layouts, go to Changing cloud recording settings and for details about layouts, see Recording layouts.

Group High Definition (HD) Video

To date, due to heavy loads on Zoom servers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the option for hosts to manage HD quality in Zoom has been limited. Going forward, the Group HD setting will now be available to users, giving them a little more ability to manage HD video in Zoom meetings.

However, IT staff and users should be aware that the option is still quite limited. Even with Group HD enabled, only meetings with one or two attendees will use HD quality video. Please also remember that video quality may be limited by the hardware specifications of the host and participant’s computers.

Despite this, the option is being made available for those who might find it useful despite current limitations, and in anticipation of the possibility of Zoom further easing their video quality restrictions in the future. For details on this setting, see Group HD on the Zoom website.


If you have issues using Zoom, contact the IT Service Desk.

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