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Changes to Student Who I Am Email and Forwarding

As part of the process to move student email routing off campus on October 7, 2018, three preliminary changes have been made:

  • G Suite delivery has been enabled for students who had previously turned it off.
  • The email tab that students see in Who I Am can no longer be used to turn off G Suite delivery or add forwarding.
  • A checkbox has been added that will delete all forwarding in Who I Am if the student checks it and clicks Submit.

The first change ensures that even if students who are currently forwarding to an outside account through Who I Am take no action, they will still be able to see their mail by signing into The second prevents students from setting up automatic delivery to an outside account that will be disrupted when the routing change occurs. The third will make it easier for students to delete Who I Am forwarding once they’ve set forwarding in their Cornell Google account instead.

More information about upcoming student mail routing changes.

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