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Changes to Qualtrics Survey Experience March 31, 2021

On March 31, 2021, Qualtrics will update project creation, platform navigation, and line and bar charts in dashboards, and provide the option to switch to a new version of their survey editor.

At the end of April, this new editor, called Survey Builder, will become the default editor. Users will be able to switch back to the old editor until the end of May, when Survey Builder becomes the only way to create and edit surveys. 

All current functionality of the features listed above will remain available, except for the removal of Favorites from the Projects screen.

To learn more about the editor changes, see the New Survey Builder Basic Overview support page or watch a brief video about Survey Builder.

To learn more about Catalog (project creation), visit the Creating a Project support page.

Detailed Feature Changes

New Survey Builder

  • New question builder interface, which includes:
    • All question types 
    • Simplified interface for question configuration, with a single entry point for features, configuration panel on the left, top-level configurations visible without scrolling, and updated "Edit multiple." 
    • Simplified interface for block configuration, with a consistent pattern used for block and question configuration
  • Use drag and drop to move questions and blocks 
  • New survey configuration interface that combines survey options and tools where applicable 
  • Improved clarity on when project is auto-saved, is in draft mode, or is published 
  • Improved accessibilty

Formerly known as the "Create New" projects and actions interface. Favorites are being removed because the list of recent projects serves much of the same purpose, and in order to give more visibility to other features.

The following updates will be made:

  • Catalog will be activated when users attempt to Create new project from the Projects list or Create new action from the Actions list. 
  • It will show projects or actions that a user can start, including "from scratch" options, templates, and guided projects and programs.
  • Projects will be grouped by type.
  • Each offering will show a detail pane when selected, giving a quick overview of what it contains and how it's best used, to help users decide which to use. 

More information about Catalog

The top navigation is being reorganized. All existing functionality will be available.

Simple Chart (Line and Bar Chart)
Line and bar chart variants of the Simple Chart are receiving an updated visual design and additional features that enhance data display and improve accessibility.

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