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Change to Microsoft or Google SMTP by Jan. 20, 2020

As part of the ongoing process of removing Cornell infrastructure from the path of mail for Cornell email accounts, will be retired January 20, 2020. Anyone currently using it (about 1,300 individuals) will need to change their outgoing email settings. Most of the individuals on the list are faculty or staff and so will use About 200 are students and should use
A list of individuals who have used in the past six months, including their college or unit affiliation, has been made available to IT Service Group Directors.

After the change:

  • Anyone trying to send email using will not be able to. It may return an error saying the mail application was unable to connect to the server.
  • Individuals using their Cornell account to send bulk mailings may find Office 365 limiting the rate at which messages go out.
  • Individuals will not be able to use "spoofing" to send email. In other words, they cannot make mail look like it is coming from an account other than one that is valid for them inside Cornell’s system (for example, saying it's being sent from a personal Gmail address when it is going through a account). They will need to either accurately reflect the account being used, use a proxy address they have (like ones ending in, or set up an Exchange Group Account (EGA) to send from.

CIT will begin writing to each group on October 29, 2019 to notify them that they need to change their outgoing email settings. Several waves will be sent to individuals who are still sending email through
The email will suggest that they may be receiving the message as a result of settings for accessing a group email account, and that if one was set up on their behalf by IT support, they may be able to get help from them to change it.
Detailed settings:

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