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Catharine McNally to Keynote Cornell DrupalCamp

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Accessibility thought leader Catharine McNally will provide the keynote speech for Cornell DrupalCamp on October 12, 2018. McNally is noted for her passion for the use of technology to create equal web experiences for all users and her expertise on accessibility in Drupal. She’s been honored with a national leadership award by the American Association of People With Disabilities, named one of the “People to Watch” in the Tech Titans feature of the Washingtonian, and has spoken about her experiences using Twitter as an accessibility tool while at the White House.

In her work with Phase2 Technology, McNally is a proponent of practical, minimal-lift strategies to improve website accessibility. These simple changes can also help reap other major benefits, including boosting SEO, usability, and cost-effectiveness. She’s been working with Drupal and its possibilities relating to accessibility since 2011.

Sponsors have begun signing on for this year’s DrupalCamp, Cornell’s fifth. Over the coming weeks, a call for sessions will be sent, and registration will open. Watch IT News (or if you’ve presented or attended before, your inbox) for updates!

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