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CampusPress to Upgrade to PHP 8 in January 2023

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CampusPress, the hosting provider for CU Blogs, will upgrade to PHP 8 in January 2023. This will improve blog performance and increase the security of the WordPress environment and will also affect approximately 270 themes used by Cornell blog owners.

The Custom Web Development team has identified 92 themes and child themes that they will update for the new PHP environment. Blog owners not using one of the remediated themes will need to change themes or their sites will show a blank screen after the PHP update. These blog owners will not have the option to update their current theme; they must transition to one of the themes that meet Cornell’s web accessibility and branding guidelines.

Custom Web Development does not have the resources to transition themes for the large number of affected blog owners. Those who need guidance about changing their themes should review the instructions at Changing Your Blog Theme.

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