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Caller ID Change for Cornell Calls to Off-Campus Numbers

Beginning Saturday, December 16, Cornell phone numbers will be shown on caller ID when calling off-campus numbers. This change is necessary to support the university’s new 911 system, launching January 10, 2018, to provide the necessary location information in emergencies.

In addition to supporting the 911 system, this change will also enable calls to go through to off-campus numbers that only accept calls that have caller ID shown. One example is the Concur Travel System help line, which was rejecting calls from Cornell numbers because the caller ID was unknown.

In the event that users do not want their numbers displayed when making an off-campus call, caller ID can be blocked on a per-call basis by dialing 116 + 9 + phone number. For special requests like a permanent block on caller ID, users should contact their department’s telephone coordinator. By making this request, users agree that they accept the risk that Cornell Police will not know their location if they call 911 from that phone number. If users don’t know who their telephone coordinator is, they can contact the IT Service Desk.

Note: If an individual in the past requested that Caller ID be blocked to off-campus phones, they would have been told at the time that this was the default behavior for the system. They will need to address the issue following the steps described above.  

Caller ID display already exists for calls from one Cornell number to another. For these calls, the caller’s name and phone number are displayed. This will remain the same after the update. The change in caller ID will occur when calling off-campus numbers. In that case, the caller ID will only show the Cornell phone number, not the caller’s name.

For any questions about the service change, please contact the IT Service Desk.

For more information, see the Caller ID FAQ.

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Need assistance? Contact the IT Service Desk: Voice, Video, and Data.

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