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Business Analysis SIG Summer Series

Connect with CIT business analyst Chris Brown and your colleagues on the second Tuesday of the month for these informative sessions. All meetings start at 9am ET and last one hour. Join the BA-SIG MS Teams channel for the calendar file and Zoom meeting links.

Context Diagrams and Stakeholder Analysis (high-level scope)
June 14, 2022
The Context Diagram is typically the first diagram that is drawn on any project. It displays people and systems that interact with your solution, and in so doing identifies functional and technical stakeholders. June's meeting will discuss Context Diagrams in detail, show examples, and talk about how they set the stage for the rest of the project.

Business Process Flow Modeling
July 12, 2022
No information management solution exists in isolation. It exists to support a business process. The better the business process is understood, the better the solution will meet its needs. July's meeting focuses on the value of business process modeling and how to model business processes, with examples. Guest speakers are Michael Swenson and Diane Kubarek.

Data Modeling and the Value of Glossaries
August 9, 2022
Any information management solution will involve managing data. It is vital to understand the underlying data being managed. This process can apply to vendor implementations as well as custom development. August's meeting focuses on modeling data, and capturing the definitions of data entities and other terms used by the business.

Documenting Scope Items and Features
September 13, 2022
Any information management project will involve identifying scope items. These may be high-level components of the solution or detailed features required by the solution, or anything in between. This applies to custom development, as well as vendor product selection projects where the required features must be identified and organized. September’s meeting will focus on how to elicit and document scope items and features.

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