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Business Analysis SIG Meeting March 8, 2022

The Business Analysis SIG (BA-SIG) is relaunching to provide a space where business analysts can share their experiences, tips, and techniques. The next meeting is Tuesday, March 8, 2022, from 9–10am via Zoom. The focus will be on reviewing project methodology, the role that the business analyst plays over the course of a project, and what deliverables they produce. This is an informal group with loose agendas and general discussion.

Standing Topics:

  • Review the project methodology step-by-step to establish a common understanding.
  • Discuss when the business analyst (BA) is involved and what role they play at various junctures.
  • Evaluate common standard deliverables that the BA produces, the purpose they serve, when they would and wouldn’t be used, and the point in time in the methodology that they are needed.

Join the BA-SIG MS Teams channel for more information. Please note that meetings are not intended as training. Participants should be experienced BA practitioners who want to share their best practices so that we can all improve our performance.

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