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Box Notes: New Features Have Arrived!

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New features are available in Box Notes. Notes, part of Cornell's Box file collaboration and storage service, is now better:

The new Box Notes Inbox helps you keep track of which notes have been edited. Blue dot indicators let you know there have been changes, and updated notes are pushed to the top of the list. The Inbox icon also has a number indicator to let you know how many notes have been changed since the last time you looked.

Now, it's also easier to see exactly what changed in a Box Note. All new updates to a Box Note are highlighted in purple. Find out more about Box Notes Differences.

You can also keep track of who's reviewed or edited a Box Note. Box Notes Presence shows who's participated by showing recent activity for the note.

Discover what you can do with the Box Notes overview. To learn more about other improvements coming to Box, visit Box: Better and Better.

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