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Box: New File Request Feature

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Now it's even easier to collect Box content submissions from both your Cornell colleagues and extended networks with the new File Request feature. Box users can generate File Request links and share them with anyone. Submitters simply drag and drop their files right in Box and aren't required to have a Box account to contribute. This feature supports individual file sizes up to 15 GB.

Box File Request works with the existing Upload Embed Widget feature, letting you share a link through email or embed files and folders on most websites, blogs, or social networking services that support HTML iframe embed code. Want to collect photos of an event from attendees? Create a Box folder, right click on it to copy the File Request link, then send it to your mailing list. They click the link and drop their photos on the corresponding webpage. Done!

Existing widget users can navigate to the File Request modal to access File Request and Upload Embed Widget options. Both features make collaboration easy and efficient, while maintaining security and maximizing file size limit. Get started with Box File Request.

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