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Better Box in Microsoft Teams

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There's a better and easier way to use Box with Cornell Microsoft Teams! Last week, Box released a new version of Box for Teams, and it's available at Cornell.

Once you've set up Box for Teams, from within Teams, you can:

  • Share from Box
  • Allow or deny file permissions
  • Access Box files and folders in Teams using a Box Files tab
  • Preview content--more than 140 different files types

If you're using the old Box for Teams, Box strongly recommends uninstalling it before installing and using the new version.

The Box app must be added to a Team before it can be used. From your Teams application, in the left-hand navigation click Apps, search for Box, then select either Add to a Team or Add to a Chat. Locate the Team or Chat to which you want to add the app, then click Set up a bot. When the app is installed, Team members have access to the Box integration.
When Box displays in your Apps search, do not click Open. Instead, click the adjacent down arrow and then click add Box to a Team. When Box is added to a Team, it begins working automatically for Team chats. After you add Box to a Team, do not click Setup. Instead, click the adjacent down arrow and then click Set up a bot. After a brief delay, the Box files tab displays at the top of the Teams interface.

With new Box for Teams, you can share content in three ways:

  • Upload from your computer (Box will store the newly-uploaded file in a Teams folder dedicated to that channel)
  • Share files from Box
  • Paste shared links from Box

Box for Teams now:

  • Works in teams and group chat (1:1 chat, ad hoc group chat). The old version only works in teams and channels.
  • Automatically creates a Box files tab and dedicated folder mapped to each channel that houses all content shared within a channel or chat. You can create or select the folder you wish to use as the default.
  • Automatically maps uploaded files to the Box folder assigned to the channel
  • Displays content card with metadata and thumbnail preview of file
  • Automatically adds channel users as collaborators in Box to the uploaded file
  • Adds mobile support

Learn more about new Box for Teams.

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