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Automatic Presentation Rights for Cornell Microsoft Teams Meeting Attendees

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Many Cornell staff and faculty who collaborate in Microsoft Teams also use its meeting features. (Zoom is the recommended web meeting tool for Cornell for anyone who doesn't have this need.) In response to requests from this group of users, starting Tuesday, March 15, 2022, all Cornell invitees to Teams meetings who are signed into Teams with their Cornell identity will be able to share their screen or application windows by default without any action needing to be taken by the meeting organizer. This means that conversely, any meeting organizer who would like for attendees to not be able to share automatically will need to set permissions for their meetings accordingly.

For more information about changing permission to present, see Roles in a Teams Meeting, in the section titled Change meeting roles.

To learn about all participant settings, see Change participant settings for a Teams meeting.

To get started or learn more about using Teams to meet, see Microsoft's Meetings in Teams.

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