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AppSMTP Service Upgrade Planned for November 2020

Later this year, CIT’s Email and Messaging team will update the AppSMTP service used by applications, printers, scanners, and monitoring devices to send automated email to users. Once in place, the new AppSMTP process will require developers and administrators to register application and device email processes. This change is being made to improve data security and reduce the risk of email fraud.

When Will the Change Take Place?

Between now and late November 2020, the project team will build out the necessary infrastructure to prepare for the change.

What Do I Need to Do?

No action is required at this time by administrators of affected applications, devices, or VM processes.

The Email and Messaging team will update the campus IT community when action is required, so that administrators and developers can register or re-configure their applications and devices to take the updated AppSMTP process into account.

Expect updates over the coming weeks with additional information about the team's progress toward setting up the new process, as well as details about steps administrators may need to take.

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