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Announcing the Siteimprove Web Accessibility Evaluation Service

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Siteimprove is a full-featured web accessibility management service available to all Cornell faculty and staff at the main Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine, and Cornell Tech. The Siteimprove cloud-based software platform is a simple, yet powerful tool to evaluate how accessible your website is, and how to make it better. Licensing for the enterprise service is currently funded by CIT, University Relations, the Division of Human Resources, and Weill Cornell Medicine.

Siteimprove offers a key approach to securing digital accessibility for public websites, with an at-a-glance dashboard feature that pinpoints exactly where to make improvements. The service provides complete visibility across your content quality and performance. Accessible web design is central to good design principles, and following guidelines for web accessibility ensures usability for everyone, including people with disabilities. Implementing Siteimprove overlaps with other best practices, like mobile accessibility, device independence, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Included Features

  • Accessibility Overview: Generates a priority list of web pages that need the most attention, intended to guide you through fixing non-accessible headings, images, links, or forms.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Equipped with at-a-glance views of key data, like accessibility issues, quality assurance issues, priority policies, and more. Helps guide more informed decisions about site structure and content strategy.
  • Quality Assurance: Automatically locates broken links, misspellings, and highlights an inventory of your content.
  • Siteimprove CMS Plug-In: Add this module for more in-depth data.

Cornell is committed to making our websites accessible to everyone. Let Siteimprove change the way you look at website maintenance. To sign up for this service now, contact the IT Service Desk.

If you find you could benefit from working with or hiring additional assistance beyond this self-service, contact Custom Development for website assessments, evaluations, and fixes.

To register for one of our upcoming Siteimprove online vendor trainings, visit CULearn. These live, interactive instructor-led sessions contain a subscription overview, explanation of benefits, feature training, and Q&A. For those who would like to train via Zoom in a group setting, limited seating is available at 120 Maple Ave., Room 168. Attendees also have the option to Zoom in individually. If you are unable to attend either training, the sessions will be recorded and posted to our Siteimprove page.

Available vendor training dates:

Please let us know if you have any questions via email.

Learn more about Web Accessibility:

Learn more about Custom Web Development at Cornell:

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