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Announcing CU Print, Cornell’s New Printing Service

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As previously announced per the Student Printing Service Project, Cornell is transitioning from Net-Print to a new campus printing service. Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) and the Student Assembly recently partnered to select CU Print as the new service name. Currently, CU Print is in the initial launch phase and will be rolled out university-wide over the next year.

CU Print ensures a streamlined experience across printers, fees, and functionality:

  • A standardized printer fleet supported by a single vendor, Toshiba Inc.
  • An annual $15 print allocation for all matriculated undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, which covers more than 200 pages of free black-and-white printing.
  • Environmental sustainability through PrintReleaf global reforestation.
  • Standard reduced printing rates: CU Print is 6 cents per black-and-white page; Net-Print is typically 9 cents. The color printing rate is 13 cents, reduced from the typical Net-Print rate of 23 cents.

The concept for CU Print originated from an assessment of the current Net-Print service that identified opportunities for improvement in consistency, print and maintenance costs, sustainability, and overall features. This assessment was informed and guided by the Student Assembly, IT Governance Council, CIT, and other university stakeholders. The student print allocation was determined by reviewing printer usage over two semesters (Fall 2018–Spring 2019) and calculating the median print use for all students.

Wherever possible, CU Print uses features of the industry-standard PaperCut print management software to decrease administrative costs and improve reliability. The Net-Print and CU Print systems will operate simultaneously until all devices and print queues supported by Net-Print have been transitioned to the new service. Additionally, there is no mechanism for transferring account balances from one service to another. Funds must be used separately.

Students can now install CU Print and start using their $15 annual print allocation. If additional printing is required beyond the allocation amount, it will be charged to the student’s Bursar account. Both CU Print and Net-Print software can be installed separately. CU Print printers are available at select locations across campus. See the current list of CU Print locations. Some printers are located in study spaces that require a reservation.

Additional print locations will be available next semester. CIT will continue working with colleges and departments to convert most remaining Net-Print printers to CU Print by the start of spring semester 2021. Eventually, CU Print will expand to support departmental printing as well.

For questions about the new CU Print service, contact the IT Service Desk.

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