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Amazon Web Services Single Sign-On and Regulated Data Storage Now Available

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Cornell Cloud Services is now offering two new solutions to enhance security features of Amazon Web Service (AWS) accounts: Single Sign-On (AWS SSO) and regulated data storage.

AWS SSO is a free service that allows AWS administrators to centrally manage human user access to AWS accounts and applications. Available features let administrators configure the SSO process, assign user roles, and provide access with existing Cornell credentials and Two-Step Login authentication. For more information, visit Amazon Web Services Single Sign-On. To request the service, submit a ticket using the AWS SSO service request form.

The Regulated Data Storage service allows secure storage and movement of Low, Medium or High risk data in AWS. (Note that controls for HIPAA or PCI data are not yet available.) It provides both production and test resources, S3 server access and data event logs, restrictive bucket policies controlling access, file versioning. The AWS Regulated Data service works for nearly all S3 features and operations, including storage classes and object-level tagging. For more information, visit Amazon Web Services Regulated Data Storage.

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