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Alumni Email Routing Change Complete

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The previously announced change to alumni email routing is complete. Mail to active Cornell alumni accounts—more than 100,000 in total—is no longer passing through Cornell infrastructure, except in the case of forwarding to an outside personal account, when an alum has requested it. 

All large groups with Cornell email accounts—faculty and staff, students, and alumni—have now had their email routing updated. Email sent to their Cornell account goes directly to Cornell’s service providers, Microsoft and Google. The completion of this multi-year effort will allow the university to retire equipment and refocus the time spent on maintaining it toward other Cornell IT needs.

A small number of accounts are still being worked with or having their settings adjusted. This work is expected to be complete in the next few weeks.

The change effort was a partnership between AAD IT and Communications and the CIT Messaging Team, with support from the IT Service Desk. AAD will continue to encourage alumni who forward their email to an outside account to set up their forwarding preference in their Cornell Google account. This will remove the need for Cornell to handle their forwarding and prepare for the eventual retirement of Cornell infrastructure that does this work.

For details about services available to Cornell alumni, visit Alumni Affairs - Services, or review the information on I am a Cornell Alumnus. Can I Get a NetID? or Alumni Email Services

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