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Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion News, March 2017

As we make our way toward spring, some of the activities of the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion are on their way to conclusion, while others are gearing up as part of the yearly cycle.


Training, which this year provided more opportunities for in-person or self-guided learning, will conclude in April. Many participants have indicated that they appreciate being able to choose an option that's the best fit for how they want to engage with the topic, and that the selection committee provided a good range of subjects. Some participants liked the choices enough that they went beyond the initial requirement and experienced more than one. The ADI committee will be looking closely at survey results after the training cycle ends to get a clear perspective on what participants felt worked well, and where they thought things could be improved. This knowledge will be used to make next years' range of choices better than ever.

Two facilitated sessions have yet to take place:
April 5, 2:00-3:30 p.m.
Genuine Conversation:  Racism and Inequity, facilitated by Gregory Eells, Ph.D., Director, Cornell Health Services
A discussion on race and inequity, in light of current events around the country.

April 11, 2:00-3:30 p.m.
Diversity and Leadership in Higher Education, facilitated by Gerald Hector, Vice President for Financial Affairs
A discussion based on a dialogue at the National College Business Officers meeting and his experiences at Ithaca College.

If you're in a group that is part of ADI and haven't yet gone through one of the reading, video, or in-person options, you have until April 15. You can find more information about your choices and how to sign up and take them at:   

Summer Intern Program 

The application deadline for the Summer Intern Program has just closed and the applications are being evaluated. Twenty roles in five units are being filled. Internships begin in June and will run nine to ten weeks through August, at 30 to 39 hours per week, depending on availability. The summer intern program is an important part of fostering a culture of global diversity and inclusion at Cornell. Although the intern positions are in different departments, regular opportunities are provided for ADI interns to network with each other. Interning students can gain skills in a hands-on learning environment that can be carried over to the workplace or graduate school.

Weekly lunchtime meetings, where lunch is provided, will include presentations from Cornell’s senior staff members as well as conversations on current events amongst the interns participating in the program. At the end of the summer, interns will deliver presentations that highlight what they’ve learned from their experiences. Read more about the program:    

Diverse Supplier Engagement 

This year, the Supplier Diversity Initiative has been identifying suppliers with its newest designation: LBGTQ. One new "targeted" diverse supplier has been added to the Big Red Consulting project, which kicked off in October and will conclude in May. The program is also investigating any federal and state plans to implement any new categories, including veteran-owned businesses.
See past updates about Diverse Supplier Engagement:   

Diversity of Thought 

Diversity of Thought, new this year, is working its way forward as leadership and participants sort out the best path to encouraging broader representation on teams and committees that make decisions affecting the university. A combination of actions is being evaluated, among them finding ways to add different voices that have not been included in the past, increasing the range of grade levels, lengths of service, and perspectives, and otherwise diversifying working groups.  

Please send questions, comments, or ideas for the Diversity Committee to

The offices that comprise the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion include: Cornell Information Technology (CIT); Division of Financial Affairs (DFA); the Office of the President, including Commencement Office; the Office of the Provost; the Office of the Dean of Faculty; the Office of the Judicial Administrator; the Office of the Ombudsman; Investments; and Audit.

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