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Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion News, April 2018

Cornell Information Technologies is part of the the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion (ADI), which represents the diversity planning efforts of multiple university divisions and units. 

Much has happened since our last update, and the ADI community has been able to select from more than fifty different activities to complete diversity requirements for Fiscal Year 2018. Articles highlighting some of the events are included below!

Cultural Diversity Food Events

One of the new elements for Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion members this year is events specifically aimed at Cultural Awareness, and one part of that is an event where a unit or group explores foods from other cultures. See the experience for different groups:
Audit Office and President's and Provost's Staff

Diversity of Thought: Opportunities for New Experiences

This year, ADI members had the chance to see the University from the perspective of a unit other than their own. The new Diversity of Thought initiative includes "experience opportunities." For these, individuals could sign up to take a tour or hear the point of view of representatives from other ADI member groups. This led to some memorable, instructive, and fun moments.
Learn more about the Diversity of Thought experiences. 

Diverse Student Summer Internships

Once again, students were invited to apply for Cornell diverse student summer internships! The opportunities for more than twenty interns range from retail project management to finance, from data analysis to web design, and from IT security to business intelligence, with many other disciplines available. The deadline to apply was early March, and the interviewing process has been underway since then.
See details about the different positions interns will be working in. 

New Information and Posters

Late in 2017, new webpages were added that describe ADI's initiatives of Cultural Diversity Awareness, Diversity of Thought, and the Student Intern Program. These pages were created to better acquaint staff members with these programs and to provide a source of news about each topic. In addition, new posters are now displayed in ADI's participating units. They were redesigned to highlight the new initiative of Cultural Diversity Awareness.
More information about the webpages and posters.

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