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Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion: Consulting for Diverse Suppliers

The Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion (ADI) represents diversity planning efforts of the Division of Financial Affairs, Cornell Information Technologies, University Audit, University Investments, the Office of the President (including Commencement), and the Offices of the Provost, Dean of Faculty, Judicial Administrator, and Ombudsman. 

As part of the Diverse Supplier Initiative that is one of the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion FY16 goals, there is an ongoing partnership with the Johnson Graduate School of Management to assist diverse suppliers with projects to help them grow their business. This partnership with JGSM allows for Big Red Consulting (BRC) teams to work with selected suppliers on specific projects that align with supplier needs and the graduate student skill sets.

Starting this past fall, representatives from JGSM, BRC, faculty advisors, and Procurement Services met to discuss the program and discuss "lessons learned" as well as process improvements which could be implemented for the future programs. To find out more, see the list of participating diverse suppliers, and review current plans, visit the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion website.

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