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Adobe Flash to Reach “End of Life” Status on December 31, 2020

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On Thursday, December 31, 2020, Adobe Flash Player will reach “End of Life” (EOL) status. This means the program will no longer be distributed, supported, or updated by Adobe. The lack of available security updates after the EOL date means that continued use of Flash Player would not only pose a significant security threat to university devices and networks, but would also violate university data security policy.

Cornell users who still have Adobe Flash Player installed and enabled are advised to remove the software at their earliest convenience.

If you believe that you require Flash Player to access a webpage or resource that is required for university business, please contact the IT Service Desk to determine an alternative tool or resource.

If you do not have the Flash Player application installed on your system or the extension enabled in your web browsers, you may disregard this message.

Users with Cornell-managed devices

Users may already have the Flash Player disabled in browsers and uninstalled from devices. If you think this is not the case, you should reach out to local IT staff for details about disabling or removing Flash Player from your devices.

Users of non-managed personal devices

Major browsers began phasing out support for Flash years ago. By default, Flash Player is disabled in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. By the end of 2020, no major browsers are expected to continue supporting Flash content.

Any users who have installed the Flash Player application should remove it by the EOL date. Do not to try to download unauthorized copies of Flash Player from third-party sites where it may continue to be available, as those unofficial copies are a likely source of malware and cannot receive updates against future security threats.

Details about uninstalling the Flash Player application from non-managed devices can be found by visiting Adobe's webpages Uninstall Flash Player | Windows or Uninstall Flash Player | Mac OS.

For Further Details

Read more about Adobe’s plans to sunset Flash Player at Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page.

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