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Additional Zoom Features Available Starting May 24, 2020: Audio Transcriptions and Google Calendar App

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Zoom users at Cornell should be aware of these two new features, available beginning May 24, 2020:

Audio Transcripts for Zoom Cloud Recordings

Zoom recordings that have been saved using the Cloud Recording option will now have the audio of the meeting or webinar transcribed automatically. For details about viewing and editing transcripts, visit the Zoom documentation Using audio transcription for cloud recordings and scroll down to Viewing and editing the transcript.

This service will be enabled for all faculty and staff using the Cornell Zoom service. If you prefer not to have the service and would like it disabled, contact the IT Service Desk.

Zoom Google Calendar App Now Available

Cornell users can now install the Zoom Google Calendar app. It lets users schedule, join, and manage Zoom meetings directly from their Google Calendar. For details about the app and installation instructions, visit the Zoom App Marketplace.

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