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3Play Media Chosen as Preferred Vendor for Human Captioning and Transcription Needs

Cornell has chosen 3Play Media as the preferred vendor for human captioning and transcription of video content. After thoughtful review, the university determined that 3Play provided the best fit for a wide range of the campus community’s captioning and transcription needs.

Departments and groups on campus who require human captioning for video content should go to IT@Cornell’s Human Captioning Service webpage for more information on setting up a 3Play account.

Why Human Captioning?

Maintaining a high standard of caption and transcription accuracy for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and for others who might benefit from being able to read the audio content, is more critical than ever during the university’s current hybrid instruction mode.

While video services often provide free automatic speech recognition (ASR) services, such automated captions and transcriptions usually do not achieve the accuracy required to meet WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards, especially for technical content in the fields of mathematics, engineering, medicine, and sciences. Failing to meet WCAG guidelines poses both practical and legal ramifications at Cornell.

It is true that manual caption editing tools are available on many video platforms, but many faculty, instructors, students, and staff find it find it challenging to take the considerable time and effort required to manually edit ASR captions to meet stringent accessibility standards.

That’s where human captioning comes in. Human captioning is a fee-based service that provides a human transcriptionist to create high-accuracy captions. Once they have an account, departments and groups can work with 3Play to submit requests for captioning and trasncribing of their video content.

Why Was 3Play Media Chosen for Cornell’s Human Captioning Service?

3Play Media maintains a reputation for quality, accuracy, and good business practices among existing customers at Cornell and other institutions.

Their services are also well-suited to scalability in a large enterprise like Cornell, allowing departments and other groups to directly manage their own projects and accounts, rather than requiring them to work through a third party, such as IT administrators.

Importantly, 3Play integrates with Cornell’s Kaltura-based Video on Demand service. Straightforward tagging and approval of videos in the existing media platform allows captioning requests to take place without a cumbersome external process.

3Play also offers a comprehensive range of captioning-related features, including transcriptions, translation, and audio description services.

For More Information

For documentation on how to set up and request human captioning for your university department or group's video content, visit the Human Captioning Services webpage.

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