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News: 2017

Please join us for a special IT@Cornell Community Meeting on Thursday, November 30, hosted by Dave Lifka, vice president for information technologies and CIO. The meeting will include a presentation by Swanson Director of Engineering Simulation Rajesh Bhaskaran on how students are using Amazon...

To use Microsoft Office Mobile applications like Outlook Mail and Calendar on your iPhone or iPad, your iOS device now requires iOS 10.0 or later. While older versions of Outlook will still work on devices running iOS 9, these devices will not get new app updates and users can expect a...

DrupalCamp 2017 brought in approximately 150 participants, with sessions focusing on Drupal 8, Drupal and Salesforce integrations, and much more. A key focus this year was on web accessibility.

While we launched Zoom in fall 2016 and have seen an increase in remote meetings, there may be some neat functions about the service that you aren’t familiar with yet. Even if you’ve become a Zoom regular, we invite you to check out these features.

Here's what you need to know about Microsoft Office 365's Clutter, Rules, Focused Inbox, and Junk Email to decide what will work best for you and how to help others decide.

Web application managers must scan, identify, and resolve critical vulnerabilities by performing a vulnerability scan before apps are first launched and every time there's a major upgrade or change.