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2017-2018 IT Emerging Leaders Class Selected

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The 2017 - 2018 IT Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) participants have been selected. IT ELP is a Cornell program delivered through MOR Associates that focuses on foundational skills, such as leading without authority, building "presence," and communicating effectively. 

It is designed for individual contributors, technical leads, and front line managers. Participants also learn critical "toolbox" skills, such as meeting facilitation, process improvement, and coaching. Participation entails a one-year commitment and objectives include:

  • Promote development of an IT community
  • Broaden perspectives and practices of participants
  • Improve foundational skills such as building effective workgroups
  • Developing a strategic perspective
  • Work on self
  • Create a network of learners
  • Develop ability to lead with influence
  • Increase organizational awareness related to change, strategy, culture, politics

We are pleased to announce this year’s ITELP Cohort:

Mike Allinger (IPP), Muhammad Arif (CIT), Bill Andersen (CIT), John Barry (ILR), Kris Barth (CIT), Joanne Button (CIT), Jenn Colt (LIB), John Enright (CALS), Don Friedrickson (JCB), Michael Haflett (ILR), Josh Jenin (JCB), Kevin Kelvington (IPP), Celisa Manly (CIT), Doug Parry (JCB), Tim Parsons (RES), Tahir Poduska (LIB), Alan Rose (SLC), Nate Sakovitch (CIT)

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