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Is It Okay to Let My Family, Close Friends, Supervisor, Manager, or Co-workers Use My NetID and Password?

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No. Your NetID is for your exclusive personal use. If someone has your NetID and password, they can look up and/or change personal and confidential information about you, including your benefits package, your tax information, your grades, your web page, your address, and your emergency contact information. They could read your email, and send email from your address pretending to be you. They could also commit computer crimes through your account, and you could be held responsible for any damages that result. 

For those reasons and others, it is a violation of university policy to share your NetID and password with your family, your roommate, your supervisor, or your office's computer support staff. There is no reason for anyone else to know your password, despite what they tell you.

You are the only person who should ever use your NetID and password!

Likewise, you should never use anyone else's NetID and password, even if the owner says that it is okay!

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Sunday, October 1, 2017 - 9:51pm

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