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Why Does Net-Print Charge for Printing?

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The Net-Print service is a "university service center," which means that it must recover all of its costs. It is not subsidized by Cornell University, in part because the amount of printing varies enormously from one student to another.

Net-Print's costs include printers, printer supplies and maintenance, servers, development and marketing staff, and overhead. In order for Net-Print to be reliable, we use quality printers, reliable servers, and knowledgable staff.

Note that Net-Print makes it possible for departments to create course accounts for their students. To do this, the professor submits a list of the class's NetIDs and money allocations to the Net-Print staff. At the end of the semester, the department is billed for the used portions of the allocations. If any of your courses seem to require a large amount of printing, you might ask your instructors to consider establishing Net-Print course accounts.

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