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Problem: Net-Print Claims My Bursar Account is Disabled

This article applies to: Net-Print

Short answer: Go to the Net-Print "signup" page and attempt to sign up again. If it works, your Net-Print Bursar account will no longer be disabled. If not, then you may have lost your Bursar billing eligibility and should keep reading.

Longer answer: Net-Print checks daily with the University Bursar's office's database to determine whether Net-Print subscribers with Bursar accounts are "eligible for billing." If, for one of a variety of possible reasons, a student has become ineligible, Net-Print marks their account as "disabled". If you followed the instructions above and were told that you are not eligible, you should contact the Bursar's office at 607-255-2336. After your eligibility problem is resolved, you can restore your Net-Print Bursar account by following the procedure above, but you'll need to wait a day.

The eligibility database to which Net-Print has access is updated only once per day (at about 3AM), so you will not be able to re-signup with Net-Print until the day after you resolve your eligibility problem. If you need to print sooner than this, you can restore your ability to print by obtaining a Net-Print Cash Account online.

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Friday, July 10, 2020 - 11:46am

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