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Net-Print: What Is New (2017)?

Major changes were made to the Cornell Net-Print service on January 10, 2017.

This article applies to: Net-Print

The Biggest Change: Users Need to Install New Client and Queues

All users who have used Net-Print on their own computers before January 10th, 2017, must reinstall the Net-Print software and Net-Print printer queues before they will be able to print again. 

Install Windows Client

Add Print Queues on Windows

Install Mac Client

Add Print Queues on Mac

The Other Big Change: Many Printers Use ID Card Readers

PaperCut software is designed for use with release stations, small tablets which show the user a list of jobs which could be printed and in conjunction with an ID card reader, allow the user to identify themselves and print the jobs. This means that your job will not print until you are physically at the printer. You must print within two hours of queueing your job.

About majority of Net-Print jobs will be released by means of ID card readers. These locations are introducing them:

  • Cornell University Libraries (all locations)
  • Architecture, Art and Planning (Ithaca campus, in use since June 2016)
  • CIT Labs (all locations)
  • Industrial & Labor Relations (Library and Computer Lab)
  • Johnson
  • Hotel (two stations)
  • Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (computer lab offering free printing for select undergraduates, in use since August 2016).

Find-Me Queues

We have created two campus-wide Find-Me queues in the new system, "campus-bw" and "campus-color." Users who print to these queues can then go to any ID Card Reader printer and release their print jobs there. Most users will not need to install any but these queues. 

Printing to campus-bw

If you release your print job to a B/W printer, it will print as you would expect and will be charged the proper B/W fee for that printer.

If you release your print job to a color printer, it will print in B/W and you will still be charged the proper B/W fee for that printer.

Printing to campus-color

You will not be able to release your print job to a B/W printer.

When you release your print job to a color printer, the pages of your print job which contain color will be charged the proper color fee for that printer; the pages of your print job which do not contain color will be charged the proper B/W fee for that printer.

New URLs

Add Money to Course and Department Accounts

Create a Bursar Account

Status of All Net-Print Printers

Cost of Each Net-Print Printer

Location of All Net-Print Printers

Net-Print Web Pages and Printing Only Available from the Cornell Campus Network or via VPN

Users of Net-Print will no longer be able to print or use Net-Print web pages if they are not connected to the Cornell University network, either directly (wired or Wireless connection) or using the Cornell VPN (

Select Which Account to Charge With Each Print Job

Net-Print users no longer set the default charging account using a web page. When each job prints, the user is prompted to select the appropriate account from their list of open accounts.

No More Watermarks or Banner Pages

There will be no watermarks and banner pages. The little black splodge in the top corner of a job to identify who printed it is a thing of the past. The choice of watermarks and banner pages was a per user setting. PaperCut has no banner page capability (the prepending of an additional page containing the user and other information). PaperCut does offer watermarks as a per printer setting. 

The purpose of watermarks and banner pages is to identify a job. With many locations now offering printing released from ID card readers, so that jobs only start printing when the user is at the printer ready to retrieve it, there is less need for job identification.

Jobs Charged Before They Print

Before January 10th, 2017, Net-Print charged for jobs when the last page of the job is printed at a printer. This means that if a printer somewhere did not print the job, the user was not ever charged, a very fine feature. This process has restricted the variety of printers Net-Print could support since we relying on the ability to query the printer's page counts accurately before and after the job printed. PaperCut takes a different approach and charges jobs at the time they are sent to the printer, before they have printed. This means that users of Net-Print may be charged for jobs which did not ever print. These are the most likely situations where this will occur:

  • Printer uses ID card reader and is out of paper. User will be charged even though the job has not printed.
  • Printer uses ID card reader and is out of order or turned off. User will be charged unless IT staff have disabled the printer.

Refunds Issued Directly by IT Staff

We now have the capability for Net-Print operators - there are about 400 across campus - to issue refunds immediately. Operators will no longer fill out a form which is sent to Net-Print staff to request a refund.

What Does Not Change

  • The name. Net-Print is a billing and printing service designed specifically for use at Cornell University. While we are augmenting Net-Print by adding PaperCut MF software, much of the code behind Net-Print which is specific to Cornell and our billing requirements remains in place. We are not replacing Net-Print; we are adding to it to ensure our ability to continue to offer the service and in order to offer new features.
  • The four account types: bursar, course, department, and cash.
  • All funds in all accounts prior to January 10, 2017 persist.

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