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Net-Print Release Job Using QR Code

Many Net-Print printers are equipped with an ID reader; your print job won't print until you use your Cornell ID to release the document. This article describes how to get your job printed by scanning the QR code available on many printers (especially in the libraries).

This article applies to: Net-Print

Not all Net-Print printers have a QR code. If you want to print from a printer without a code, see our Release Method article.

Your device must be connected to the Cornell University network (wired or wireless) in order to log in.

Your phone or tablet must have a QR code reader. We do not have a recommendation for which QR app you should use.

  1. Scan the printer's QR code.
  2. Carefully check the URL to make sure the code hasn't been tampered with. A valid Net-Print URL looks likeĀ<queue name>
  3. Tap Open (or whatever your QR app has labeled the button). Your device will display something like image to the right.
  4. If you have more than one job queued, tap a job to select or deselect it.
  5. Click Release to print.

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