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Install Net-Print for Windows

Download and install the Net-Print software to print from your Windows laptop or computer.

This article applies to: Net-Print

If you are printing from a public or lab machine, follow that facility's printing instructions.

In order to install or print to a Net-Print printer, you must be connected to one of Cornell's wired or wi-fi networks (except the Cornell-Visitor wireless network). If you're off-campus, use CU VPN to connect to Cornell's network.

Be sure to follow the steps in both sections.

  1. Install the Net-Print Software (the information in this article)
  2. Add a Print Queue (links to another article)
    You can add printers when you install the software and/or later.

Install the Net-Print Software

If you do not unzip the installer in step 2 below the installation will fail.
If you are not sure how to unzip a file, please contact your local technical support person.

  1. Download the Net-Print Windows installer
  2. Unzip
  3. Inside the unzipped folder, run client-local-install.exe. The PaperCut installer will launch.
  4. Click through the installer, accepting all default values.
  5. When prompted, log in with your NetID and corresponding password.

When the installer finishes, you must follow the steps in Add a Windows Print Queue article before you will be able to print.

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