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Add Windows Print Queues for Net-Print

This article applies to: Net-Print

We strongly recommend that most Ithaca users select Campus BW and Campus Color rather than choosing individual printers. Read more in our Find-Me Print Queues article.

In order to modify your Net-Print settings or print to a Net-Print printer, you must be connected to one of Cornell's wired or wi-fi networks (except the Cornell-Visitor wireless network). If you're off-campus, use CU VPN to connect to Cornell's network.

  1. Go to the Net-Print Administrative page
  2. If you are installing a Find-Me Queue, skip to step 4.
  3. If you are installing a specific printer, look at the Printer Location column in the black and white queues and color queues table to find the printer you want to install. Jot down or remember the Queue Name for that printer.
  4. Under Public Printer Information (near the top of the page), for Department, select Public.
    (A few users will select something else, but they should already know who they are..)
  5. Click Windows Printer Installation.
  6. Locate the desired printer queue or Find-Me queue.
  7. Copy the Windows UNC entry for the desired queue. This is the text that begins with two backslashes.
  8. On your desktop, double-click My Computer or run File Explorer (Windows 8 or 10) or Windows Explorer (Windows 7).
    Please note that we are NOT talking about Microsoft's browser, which is called Internet Explorer.
  9. In the UNC field (the wide text field at the top of the window), paste the Windows UNC entry you copied in step 7, then press Return or Enter on your keyboard.
  10. Wait a bit.
  11. When prompted, enter your address and related password.
  12. Make sure Remember my credentials is CHECKED.
  13. Wait a while. When the printer status window opens (like the one shown here), the printer has been successfully installed. You can close the printer status window.

Repeat steps 2-13 for additional printers or queues as needed.

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