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Transfer Files Using Fetch

This article applies to: Managed Servers

Fetch may be used for secure file transfer using SFTP or FTPS between Macintosh clients and Windows or Unix servers. A license key is available through CU Software Licensing by contacting the IT Service Desk.

Set Up a Server Connection

    • Launch Fetch.
    • Do the following:
      • In the Hostname box, enter the address of the server you're connecting to.
      • In the Username box, enter your username for the server.
      • Click the arrow in the Connect Using box, and then:
        • For FTPS transfers, select FTP with TSL/SSL.
        • For SFTP transfers, select SFTP.
      • In the Password box, enter your password for the server.

        Fetch window for setting up server connection
    • Click Connect.

The next time you open Fetch, you can connect directly to this server using the options you chose. For instructions, see Transfer Files Using Fetch.

Transfer Files Using Fetch

    • Launch Fetch.
    • From the File menu, select Recent Connections, and then click the server you set up in the previous procedure.
    • When prompted, enter your user name and password for this server, and then click OK.
    • The Fetch window opens.
      • To transfer files from the server, select the files and then click Get. The files are copied to your downloads folder.

        Fetch window for transferring files
      • To transfer files to the server, click Put. Navigate to the files you want to transfer, select them, and then click Put. The files are copied to the folder you selected on the server.

        Fetch window for putting files on server
    • When you're finished transferring files, from the File menu, choose Close.

      For more information, click Help in the Fetch window.

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