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Add Local Administrators

Add additional local administrators to a managed Windows server. 

This article applies to: Managed Servers

Any administrator of a Windows server has the ability to add additional Administrators. There are two options:

  • Create a local account directly on the server, and add it to the local administrators group.
  • Use an existing account or group that has already been created in cornellAD.

We automatically create a CornellAD group for each machine called "[Machinename]-ADMGRP". (Replace [Machinename] with the actual name of the windows server.) We then place that CornellAD group into the local administrators group automatically. (Note: If this group is missing, email to correct the problem).

These cornellAD groups can be delegated to others so that they can manage the administrators through the Quest ARS webpage. If you need to control the administrators on a machine, but you currently don't have access to the automatically created group, email

For information on how to create userIDs for applications (HoldingIDs), see the Creating Holding IDs page.

For information on how to add or remove users from an existing domain group, see the Add Members to a Group page.

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