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Moderate E-list Posts via Email Commands (Lyris)

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

Although it is possible to moderate message via email commands, we strongly recommend that you use the Lyris web interface to moderate messages. It just works better. The email method described here has problems.

Any list administrator can configure an e-list to automatically distribute submitted messages to the list, or hold messages until an administrator has reviewed them. (See our List Configuration: Moderate Posts page for details.)

If you've enabled list moderation, with each message you have the option of

  • approving it
  • rejecting (deleting) it
  • deleting it and providing feedback to the person who submitted it

If you want to send feedback to the submitter, you'll need to use the web interface. If you want to approve (as is) or reject a message, you can either use the web interface or send your decision to Lyris via email commands. This page covers the email commands option (which, again, we don't recommend).

When a message is submitted to a moderated e-list, the list members selected to moderate messages (typically all or some of the list administrators, but you can enable this feature for any list member) will receive a message like the one below:

If you choose to send either the approve commands or the reject commands, you must

  • create a new message (not a reply)
  • include ONLY the two lines of commands
  • send your message as plain text.

We're going to repeat this part, because it continues to trip people up: the message you send to Lyris needs to be ONLY the two lines of commands. Do not copy and paste or forward the entire message as displayed above. Better still, use the Lyris Web Interface to moderate messages.

If you scroll further down in the message Lyris sends you (like the one pictured above), you'll see it also tells you about other messages that still need your attention as moderator. Frankly the text gets pretty confusing, so we're recommending that you use the web interface for moderation tasks. It'll make your life simpler. Just a suggestion.

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