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Import a List of E-list Members (Lyris)

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

  1. Log in to the Lyris administrator web interface.
    - How do I log in?
    - Take me to the login page.
  2. On the left, click Members.
  3. Select Add Members, then Import from CSV File. The Import Members from CSV File screen will open.
  4. Choose the desired action
    • Import quietly as regular members adds the members and does NOT send the new members any messages.
    • Import as regular members and send list hello doc adds the members and sends them the standard hello message for this list.
    • Import as unconfirmed members and send confirmation request sends an invitation to each address, asking them to confirm their desire to become a member of this list. If they confirm, they'll be sent the standard hello message for this list.
    • Use type setting in CSV file looks for a column in your CSV file specifying the membership type and takes the appropriate action based on that column.
  5. Update existing members
    • If set to yes, if an entry in your file is a duplicate of an existing member, any information in your file (for example, full name or date joined) will be updated.
    • If set to no, duplicate entries in your file will be discarded; the current information for the member will be retained.
  6. Next to Select file, click Choose File, navigate to your CSV file, then click Open.
  7. Click Import. Do not close your browser window until you see Import Completed.
  8. Click Ok.

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