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Change or Remove E-list Admin Privileges (Lyris)

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

Any list administrator can change or remove privileges for any other list member, including other list administrators. A list admin cannot alter the list owner's privileges.

If you want to remove an administrator from a list entirely (so that they are no longer a member), just follow the normal steps for deleting a member.

  1. Log in to the Lyris administrator web interface.
    - How do I log in?
    - Take me to the login page.
  2. On the left, click Members.
  3. Under Members, click View Members.
  4. Click the address of the member you want to work with. (You can sort the list of members by any of the columns on this screen by clicking once on the tiny up and down triangles next to each column name.)
  5. Click the gray List Admin tab.
  6. Select the appropriate radio buttons for this member:

Is list admin?

If set to yes, this member will be able to access the List Administrator functions of the web interface. (If set to no, this member is just a member, and won't ever see or use the web interface.)

Receive list admin mail?

Determines whether this member receives email for list administrators of this e-list, such as

  • messages sent to owner-listname (example:
  • error messages generated by the list
  • notifications of requests to join the list (if the list membership option is set to "private")
  • reports about the list (if the reporting options have been selected)

Receive moderation notifications?

Determines whether this member receives email notifications of moderated messages to the list, which need to be approved or rejected. If the list is not set for moderated messages, this setting has no effect.

Bypass list moderation?

If this list is set to moderate messages in some way, the bypass setting gives this member the right to contribute messages to the list without being moderated. In effect, it grants this member a "general approval" to contribute without approval. We recommend that you set this to no for all administrators.

  1. Click Save.

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