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Add Multiple E-list Members via Email Commands (Lyris)

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

Only list administrators may add members (other than themselves) to an e-list.

The method described here is not the best way to add members. We recommend that you add multiple members to a list using the Import Members from CSV File method. It works better than the method described below.

This page has a lot of notes. That's because the details are both tricky and important. Please proceed carefully.

To add multiple members to a list, send an email message to  

where listname is the name of the list including the hyphen and the letter L at the end of the list name.

Your message will have several (or many) lines of text, based on the following syntax:

login password

add quiet subform <<

name emailaddress

name emailaddress

name emailaddress




  • password is your password as administrator of the e-list
  • emailaddress is the full address of the new member
  • name is the name of the person being added

The double "less than" signs and double "greater than" signs are required to show the beginning and end of your list of new members.

The names are optional. You can include names on some lines and not on others if that suits your needs.

There should be no quotation marks anywhere in your message.

The message must be sent in plain text, that is, no formatting, font styles, or HTML code. (How do I send plain text?)


The syntax described above will add each address as a normal member of your list, without asking the people for confirmation and without sending them the "Hello, welcome to the list" message.

  • If you want people to receive the "Hello" message, remove the word "quiet."
  • If an address is already a member of the list, this syntax will change their status to "normal." If you want current members to remain with their current status, remove the word "subform."

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