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Which E-lists are Hosted by CIT? (Lyris)

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

CIT hosts more than 5500 different e-lists, serving more than 1,600,000 members. There are millions of lists hosted in other places. So how do you tell whether these web pages apply to the list you're interested in? A quick look at the email address of the list will tell you. CIT-hosted lists have addresses that end with
(a hyphen, the letter "L" (uppercase OR lowercase), the "at" sign, then "")

Here are some examples (some of which are fictitious):

Hosted by CIT 

Not Hosted by CIT 

The address after the @ sign has to be just not

Lists with a address are hosted by an individual school or unit at Cornell, but not CIT. 

The "limnological" address doesn't have"-L" just before the @ sign. 

The domain name has to be and not just something close to it. 

Not even close...

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