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Desktop Recorder (with Panopto)

This article applies to: Lecture Capture

Panopto is a no-cost service available to instructors that enables them to record their computer screen synchronized with audio or video. Using Panopto involves employing a small application (Mac OSX 10.5 or higher, or Windows), a webcam and microphone to record what is happening on an instructor's computer. The recording is sent to a server where an interface is created and the recording gets distributed to students online. The software uses the computer's camera and microphone, therefore it is not well suited to recording lectures where there is in-class interaction or use of a white board. Panopto is an excellent choice for recording:

  • lectures for flipped classes
  • make-up lectures (such as snow days) where an instructor is seated at their desk
  • lecture follow-ups to go over a topic that was difficult to fully cover in lecture
  • Panopto is being integrated with Blackboard and is the preferred way to put recorded lectures in Blackboard 
  • Videos can also be transferred to other systems or user media

Examples of Panopto recordings:

Get started with Panopto at the Center for Teaching Innovation

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