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Checklist for Purchasing IT Applications, Software, and Services

Before any IT applications, software, or services can be purchased, an approval process needs to be followed.

Exceptions: Please see the Scenarios for When an IT Statement of Need Is or Isn't Required.
Two common exceptions: If research sponsored funds are being used for the purchase, OR if the purchase is for faculty and will not be used with regulated data, an IT Statement of Need is not needed. When you submit your purchasing request to Cornell Procurement, be sure to specify the exception.

Approval Process Checklist

  • Submit an IT Statement of Need.
  • Take action on any items identified in the "next steps" email you'll receive from the IT Project Management Office. You don't have to wait for that email -- you may already know that your request will require some or all of the most common actions, and you can save time by starting right away: 
  • Whether you are using the "I Want Doc" system or working with a purchasing agent in Procurement, you will need to attach copies of the IT Statement of Need and the "next steps" email, and proof that you completed any "next steps" that were required. Per university policy, your Business Service Center representative or purchasing agent cannot process requests for purchase without this documentation.

Implementation-Related Tasks and Considerations 

While the approval process is underway, you can begin making arrangements for work that may be needed to implement the software or service. This work might include: 

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